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1954 - Lubbock High School Choir

Sally and Lewis Nesman started their studio on York avenue in Wichita Falls, TX in 1953.

In late 1954 and April 1955 Buddy, Bob, Don Guess and Sonny Curtis first recorded some country style songs: "I Gambled My Heart", "Flower Of My Heart", "Soft Place In My Heart", "Door To My Heart", and "Gotta Get You Near Me Blues".

Then…Buddy sees Elvis perform at the Fairpark Coliseum and things would never be the same for him.

In mid 1955, Buddy, Bob, Jerry Allison, and Larry recorded “Baby let’s play house” and “Down the line”. “Down The Line” is believed to be the first composition between the team of Norman Petty and Buddy. However, Norman and Buddy had not yet met at this point in time, so Norman probably put his name on the credits later. In fact the song was written by Bob Montgomery.

On June 7th 1955 Sonny, Buddy, Larry and Jerry recorded two songs sung by Sonny: “I’ll miss my heart” and “Because you love me”. Other versions of “Down the line” and “You and I are through” may have been recorded at this session, but this could also have taken place at Jim Beck’s studio in Dallas.

As the Buddy, Bob & Larry trio were doing shows around the Lubbock area, Nashville talent agent Eddie Crandall was on the tour and liked what he heard. He requested 4 demos to be sent, and Buddy, Sonny, Don and Jerry quickly got back into the studio. On Dec.7th they recorded "Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight", "Don't Come Back Knockin", "I Guess I Was Just A Fool", and "Love Me". These were submitted on acetate at KDAV and sent to Decca. The material impressed the executives enough to ask them to record in Nashville.

Other artists that recorded at Nesman’s included Lew Williams, Slim Whitman and the Sprague Brothers who lived on the same street as the Nesmans

The studio now is a residence.

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