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5th Avenue and the location of the Brevoort


One of the microphones

The reception

The lobby

Washington Square

Norman Petty sold Buddy an Ampex tape recorder so he could record various song ideas and demos at home. Buddy recorded 13 songs before leaving for the ill-fated Winter Dance Party on January 20th 1959. He was planning to contact Ray Charles to record an album together. Maybe some of the songs he recorded on the Ampex were meant to be on that album.

At the time he was 22 years old and residing at Apt.# 4 H at The Brevoort Apartments on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 9th Street in New York City , NY . Buddy lived there with his newly wed wife Maria Elena and paid $ 1000, - rent a month. For that price he had a brandnew apartment in the heart of Manhattan with a view on Washington Square Park. He fully enjoyed his new life, shopping with the Everly Brothers and soaking up the creativity in Greenwich Village with his pal Eddie Cochran. A child and his own recording studio in Lubbock lying just a round the corner. But he just never made it to that corner.

Apartment. tapes:

December 3, 1958 - That's What They Say / What To Do

December 5 - Peggy Sue Got Married

December 8 - That Makes It Tough

December 14 - Crying, Waiting, Hoping

December 17 - Learning The Game

Between January 1st and the 19th 1959, he recorded:

Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
Slippin' & Slidin'
Drown In My Own Tears
Love Is Strange
Smokey Joe's Cafe
and an untitled instrumental that was likely based on the song "Leave My Woman Alone"

The tapes were overdubbed in the early sixties by Norman Petty and the instrumental combo The Fireballs. Jack Hansen produced some overdubs with a full orchestra. Due to all these overdubs, some recordings can be heard in three different versions.

The Brevoort is still the same on the outside, but the apartments have had numerous remodelings. The lobby is still exactly the same as when Buddy and Maria Elena walked through it in 1958 and 1959.

Brevoort's murals

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