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The Old Pythian temple

...And now...Entrance on the street

Phythian's top

The Pythian Temple located at 135 W 70th St., New York City, had been the recording spot of hundreds of hit recordings including "Rock Around The Clock" and lesser successful songs including Johnny Burnette’s “Tear It Up”.
Session #1
Buddy's first session at the Pythian Temple was on June 19th, 1958 between 8 and 10pm.
Two Bobby Darin cover songs were recorded: "Early In The Morning" and "Now We're One".
The session was experimentally recorded in stereo, but these recordings have never surfaced.
Musicians on this session were:
Al Chernet (guitar), George “Lipstick on your collar” Barnes (lead guitar), Sanford Block (bass), Ernest Hayes (piano),
David "Panama" Francis (drums), Philip Kraus (drums), Sam "The Man" Taylor (alto sax),
Helen Way Singers (backup vocals): Helen Way, Theresa Meritt, Harriet Young, Maeretha Stewart
The session was produced by Dick Jacobs.
Session #2
After completing Alan Freed's "Biggest Show Of Stars '58 - Fall Edition", Buddy returned to New York for what would be his last studio session.
On October 21, a few hours before the session, Buddy ran into Dick Jacobs' office with a new song Paul Anka had written for him. Wanting to record it a few hours later, he asked Jacobs to make an orchestral arrangement. Very quickly he did and at 7-10:30 pm the session took place. Buddy had Al Caiola (acoustic guitar), Sanford Block (string bass), Ernest Hayes (piano), Doris Johnsson (harp), Clifford Leeman (drums), Abraham “Boomie” Richman (tenor saxophone) and the Dick Jacobs Orchestra back him up on "True Love Ways / Moondreams / Raining In My Heart / It Doesn't Matter Anymore". Jerry Allison, Joe B Mauldin (not on the recordings), Peggy Sue and Paul Anka were present for the session. Buddy managed to polish off "It Doesn't Matter Anymore" in one take!
The Pythian is now one of the most extravagant condominiums of Manhattan.

The entrance...

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