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2 CD Jasmine JASCD 531 - Release date September 11, 2009

Disc 1: Nashville Sessions & Demos

1. Down The Line
2. Baby Let's Play House
3. Love Me
4. Don't Come Back Knockin'
5. Midnight Shift
6. Blue Days, Black Nights
7. Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight?
8. I Guess I Was Just A Fool
9. It's Not My Fault
10. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
11. I'm Changing All Those Changes
12. Rock-A-Bye Rock
13. Because I Love You
14. Rock Around With Ollie Vee
15. I'm Changing All Those Changes
16. That'll Be The Day
17. Girl On My Mind
18. Ting-A-Ling
19. Rock Around With Ollie Vee
20. Modern Don Juan
21. You Are My One Desire
22. Have You Ever Been Lonely?
23. Gone
24. Honky Tonk
25. Blue Monday
26. Good Rockin' Tonight
27. Blue Suede Shoes
28. Shake, Rattle & Roll
29. Ain't Got No Home
30. Rip It Up
31. Holly Hop
32. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
33. Bo Diddley

Disc 2: The Glory Years

1. That'll Be The Day
2. I'm Looking For Someone To Love
3. Last Night
4. Words Of Love
5. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
6. Not Fade Away
7. Everyday
8. Tell Me How
9. Ready Teddy
10. Valley Of Tears
11. Oh Boy!
12. Listen To Me
13. I'm Gonna Love You Too
14. Peggy Sue
15. It's Too Late
16. Send Me Some Loving
17. You've Got Love
18. Maybe Baby
19. An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date)
20. Rock Me My Baby
21. Little Baby
22. Baby I Don't Care (You're So Square)
23. Look At Me
24. Rave On
25. Well... All Right
26. Take Your Time
27. Fool's Paradise
28. Think It Over
29. It's So Easy
30. Lonesome Tears
31. Heartbeat
32. Early In The Morning
33. Now We're One

Release date: august 1, 2009

Buddy Holly lost his life on February 3, 1959, and to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of that plane crash, Spencer Leigh assesses the importance of the legendary figure, looking at his music, his life, his image, and his legacy.

Leigh has interviewed Holly’s widow, Maria Elena; all the key Crickets; the compère of his 1958 UK tour, Des O’Connor; as well as Ritchie Valens’ manager and the Big Bopper’s son, the other two singers who died in the crash. There are scores of people talking about Buddy Holly’s legacy (Bobby Vee, Tim Rice, Mike Batt), and Leigh has spoken to hundreds of Holly’s acquaintances and musicians.

The book shows how Buddy Holly’s UK tour was crucial to the British beat explosion of the 1960s spawning the Beatles, and that without Buddy Holly, today’s popular music would be radically different.

Spencer Leigh also reveals how impulsive Buddy Holly was and how that impulsiveness cost him his life.


Release date : February 10, 2009

Tracks in bold = undubbed

Memorial Collection CD DISC 1:

 01. Down The Line
 02. Soft Place In My Heart
 03. You And I Are Through (without fiddle!)
 04. Midnight Shift
 05. Love Me
 06. Don't Come Back Knockin'
 07. Blue Days, Black Nights
 08. Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight
 09. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
 10. Changing All Those Changes
 11. Rock-A-Bye Rock
 12. Rock Around With Ollie Vee
 13. Girl On My Mind
 14. Ting-A-Ling
 15. Modern Don Juan
 16. Holly Hop
 17. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
 18. That'll Be The Day
 19. I'm Looking For Someone To Love
 20. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues

Memorial Collection CD DISC 2:

 01. Words Of Love
 02. Not Fade Away
 03. Everyday
 04. Ready Teddy
 05. Tell Me How
 06. Oh Boy!
 07. Listen To Me
 08. Peggy Sue
 09. I'm Gonna Love You Too
 10. It's Too Late
 11. Maybe Baby
 12. You've Got Love
 13. Rock Me My Baby
 14. Look At Me
 15. You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)
 16. Little Baby
 17. Rave On
 18. Well.All Right
 19. Take Your Time
 20. Fool's Paradise

Memorial Collection CD DISC 3:

 01. Think It Over
 02. Heartbeat
 03. It's So Easy
 04. Lonesome Tears
 05. Love's Made A Fool Of You
 06. Wishing
 07. Early In The Morning
 08. Now We're One
 09. Reminiscing
 10. True Love Ways

 11. It Doesn't Matter Anymore
 12. Raining In My Heart
 13. What To Do
 14. Peggy Sue Got Married
 15. That Makes It Tough
 16. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
 17. Learning The Game
 18. You're The One
 19. Smokey Joe's Cafe
 20. Dearest


Disc 1

   1. My Two Timin' Woman
   2. Footprints In The Snow
   3. Flower Of My Heart
   4. Door To My Heart
   5. Soft Place In My Heart
   6. Gotta Get You Near Me Blues
   7. I Gambled My Heart
   8. You And I Are Through
   9. Down The Line
 10. Baby Let's Play House
 11. Moonlight Baby
 12. I Guess I Was Just A Fool
 13. Don't Come Back Knockin'
 14. Love Me
 15. Gone
 16. Gone
 17. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)
 18. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)
 19. Brown Eyed Handsome Man
 20. Good Rockin' Tonight
 21. Rip It Up
 22. Blue Monday
 23. Honky Tonk
 24. Blue Suede Shoes 1
 25. Shake Rattle And Roll
 26. Bo Diddley
 27. Ain't Got No Home
 28. Holly Hop  

Disc 2

   1. Last Night
   2. Not Fade Away
   3. Peggy Sue
   4. Oh Boy!
   5. That's My Desire
   6. Take Your Time
   7. Fool's Paradise
   8. Fool's Paradise
   9. Fool's Paradise
 10. Think It Over
 11. Think It Over
 12. Think It Over
 13. Love's Made A Fool Of You
 14. That'll Be The Day
 15. That'll Be The Day
 16. That's What They Say
 17. What To Do
 18. Peggy Sue Got Married
 19. That Makes It Tough
 20. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
 21. Learning The Game
 22. Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie
 23. Slippin' And Slidin'
 24. Slippin' And Slidin'
 25. Slippin' And Slidin'
 26. Buddy & Maria Elena Talking In Apartment
 27. Dearest
 28. Dearest
 29. Untitled Instrumental (aka: Buddy's Guitar/listed as "Tremolo Instrumental"
 30. Love Is Strange
 31. Smokey Joe's Cafe




1957: The breakthrough year.
After having served his apprenticeship on local West Texas radio in the early 1950s, Buddy Holly spent a year as a solo artist with the unsympathetic Nashville arm of mighty US Decca in 1956 (see El Toro ETCD 1012) which not only proved disastrous commercially, but also denied him the artistic freedom which he desired in order to carve his own niche in popular music. Having learned a valuable lesson in Owen Bradley's clock-watched studio, in early 1957 Buddy Holly formed his own group, The Crickets, and began utilising the well-equipped recording facility belonging to Norman Petty in Clovis, to produce finished masters for the Brunswick and Coral labels, which would include influential rock 'n' roll classics such as "That'll Be The Day", "Peggy Sue", "Not Fade Away", "Oh Boy!" and "Maybe Baby" - all of which can be found on this entertaining and important compilation.

Like Eddie Cochran in California, Buddy Holly enjoyed being a creative musician perhaps more than being a famous recording star, and much of his short life was spent in the recording studio not only rehearsing and recording his own tracks, but also providing accompaniment to the stream of vocalists that stepped through the sound-proofed doors. This three CD set (90 tracks!!) Provides a distillation of the high-points of the annus mirabilis which was 1957, featuring the complete recordings marketed as both The Crickets and as Buddy Holly - as well as a wealth of tracks on which Buddy, J.I. and Joe B. backed those other country, pop and rock 'n' roll singers, along with the soundtracks from TV shows, on-air interviews and amusingly-tailored promo jingles to massage the egos of various music industry figures. These were the recordings that made Buddy Holly and The Crickets national, and indeed international, stars.

Things would never be the same again...

Disc One:
1. I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love [Brunswick 55009]
2. That'll Be The Day [Brunswick 55009]
3. Last Night [Undubbed Original Version]
4. Maybe Baby [First Version]
5. Last Night [Brunswick LP BL-54038]
6. Words Of Love [Demo]
7. Words Of Love [Coral 61852]
8. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues [Coral 61852]
9. Not Fade Away [Incomplete Alternative Take]
10. Not Fade Away [Brunswick 55035]
11. Everyday [Coral 61885]
12. Ready Teddy [Coral LP CRL-57210]
13. Valley Of Tears [Coral LP CRL-57210]
14. Tell Me How [Brunswick 55053]
15. Buddy's Phone Call To Paul Cohen Of Decca Records [28/02/57]
Gary Dale
16. Go Boy Go [KDAV Demo]
17. Gone [KDAV Demo]
18. Go Boy Go [Norman Petty Demo]
19. The Golden Rocket [Norman Petty Demo]
20. Gone [Norman Petty Demo]
21. I Overlooked An Orchid
Billy Walker
22. On My Mind Again [Columbia 40920]
23. Viva La Matador [Columbia 40920]
Jim Robinson
24. A Whole Lot Of Lovin' [Take 1]
25. A Whole Lot Of Lovin' [Take 2]
26. A Whole Lot Of Lovin' [Take 3]
27. A Whole Lot Of Lovin' [Epic 9234]
28. It's A Wonderful Feeling [Epic 9234]
Jack Huddle
29. Starlight [Original Without Echo]
30. Believe Me [Original Without Echo]
31. Starlight [Petsey 1002]
32. Believe Me [Petsey 1002]

Disc Two:
1. Peggy Sue [Alternative Take]
2. Peggy Sue [Coral 61885]
3. Listen To Me [Coral 61947]
4. That'll Be The Day [Promotional Recording For Bob Thiele Of Coral Records]
5. That'll Be The Day [Promotional Recording For Murray Deutch Of Southern Music]
6. Oh, Boy! [Undubbed Original Version]
7. Oh, Boy! [Brunswick 55035]
8. That'll Be The Day [Promotional Recording For Bill Randle Of WERE Radio, Ohio]
9. I'm Gonna Love You Too [Coral 61947]
10. Send Me Some Lovin' [Original Undubbed Demo]
11. It's Too Late [Original Undubbed Demo]
12. Send Me Some Lovin' [Brunswick LP BL-54038]
13. It's Too Late [Brunswick LP BL-54038]
Jim Robinson
14. Man From Texas [Brill 2]
Gary Dale
15. Honey, Honey
16. Look To The Future
Fred Crawford
17. By The Mission Wall [Starday 314]
Carolyn Hester
18. Wreck Of The Old '97
19. Scarlet Ribbons
Charlie Phillips
20. Sugartime [Take 1]
21. Sugartime [Promo]
22. One Faded Rose [Take 1]
23. Sugartime [Coral 61908]
24. One Faded Rose [Coral 61908]
Sherry Davis
25. Humble Heart [Fashion 1001]
26. Broken Promises [Fashion 1001]
Norman Petty Trio
27. Moondreams-With The Picks [Fashion 1001]
28. Moondreams [Instrumental] [Columbia 41039]
29. Moondreams-With The Roses

Disc Three:
1. You've Got Love [Brunswick LP BL-54038]
2. Maybe Baby [Brunswick 55053]
3. An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date) [Brunswick LP BL-54038]
4. Rock Me, My Baby [Brunswick LP BL-54038]
5. That'll Be The Day [Unidentified Live Fragment]
6. That'll Be The Day [Live On The Ed Sullivan CBS TV Show]
7. Peggy Sue [Live On The Ed Sullivan CBS TV Show]
8. Interview With Ed Sullivan
9. Little Baby [Coral LP CRL-57210]
10. You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care) [Coral LP CRL-57210]
11. Look At Me [Coral LP CRL-57210]
12. Mona [Rehearsal]
13. Mona [Take 1]
14. Mona [Take 2]
15. Mona [Take 3]
16. Peggy Sue [Live On The Arthur Murray TV Show]
17. Don't Do Me This Way!-Rick Tucker [First Version]
18. Patty Baby-Rick Tucker & The Picks [Columbia 41041]
19. Don't Do Me This Way!-Rick Tucker & The Picks [Columbia 41041]
20. Promotional Spot For Bill Randle Of WERE Radio, Ohio #1
21. Promotional Spot For Bill Randle Of WERE Radio, Ohio #2
22. Promotional Spot For Don Passerby Of Cornwall Radio, Canada #1
23. Promotional Spot For Don Passerby Of Cornwall Radio, Canada #2
24. Promotional Spot For Don Passerby Of Cornwall Radio, Canada #3
25. Promotional Spot For Don Passerby Of Cornwall Radio, Canada #4
26. Interview With Red Robinson Of CKWX Radio, Canada
27. Promotional Spot For Red Robinson Of CKWX Radio, Canada
28. Interview With Freeman Hoover Of KCSR Radio, Nebraska
29. Promotional Spot For Freeman Hoover Of KCSR Radio, Nebraska
30. Interview With Dale Lowery Of KTOP Radio, Kansas

-Copyright in these recordings is owned by Rollercoaster Records Ltd, UK
CD 1 tracks 16, 17, 18, 19 & 21 p 1998 Rollercoaster Records.
CD 1 track 20 - CD 2 tracks 15 & 16 p 2007 Rollercoaster Records.
-Copyright in these recordings is owned by The Estate of Violet Ann Petty
CD 1 tracks 29 & 30; CD 2 tracks 20 & 22 p 2007 Rollercoaster Records
All the above licensed by Rollercoaster Records Ltd, UK to El Toro Records.

El Toro Records



Ohh Annie!

RCCD 3056 - BUDDY HOLLY with The Three Tunes - “Ohh! Annie!” - The 1956 sessions.

This package covers Buddy Holly's pivotal recordings of 1956 and includes studio masters not only previously unissued but whose very existence will be unknown to even the most committed of fans.
There's also more session talk than has previously been made public, together with superior sound quality versions of some tracks that have been released; also included is a detailed 36-page booklet with notes by John Ingman and several previously unpublished photographs.

This is, to use an overworked phrase, a 'must' for Buddy Holly fans - and Rollercoaster's most exciting release since their Something Special from Buddy Holly LP in 1986. The full track listing is as follows:

Love Me
Don't Come Back Knockin'(previously unissued)
Don't Come Back Knockin'
Midnight Shift (previously unissued false start)
Midnight Shift (previously unissued)
Midnight Shift
Blue Days, Black Nights
Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight
I Guess I Was Just A Fool
It's Not My Fault
I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
I'm Changin' All Those Changes
Rock-A-Bye Rock
Because I Love You
Rock Around With Ollie Vee (fragment)
Rock Around With Ollie Vee
I'm Changin'All Those Changes
That'll Be The Day
Girl On My Mind
Rock Around With Ollie Vee
Modern Don Juan
You Are My One Desire (false start)
You Are My One Desire

Have You Ever Been Lonely
Bo Diddley
Ain't Got No Home
Holly Hop
Gone (previously unissued)
Have You Ever Been Lonely
Have You Ever Been Lonely
Have You Ever Been Lonely (previously unissued complete)
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man
Good Rockin' Tonight
Rip It Up
Blue Monday
Honky Tonk
Blue Suede Shoes
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Bo Diddley
Brown-Eyed Handsome Man

Nearly all of the twenty-four studio tracks on CD1 were sourced from the original quarter-inch tape masters. Because of the age of these tapes and the fact they were not always stored in optimum conditions, we have done our best to restore the sound and technical quality to what it was originally as much as possible. In doing so and in order to present some fragmented recordings for your listening enjoyment, we have also created complete versions of two tracks where they did not exist originally.

It is unfortunate that Decca Records did not generally retain out-takes from their sessions in 1956 as these would be fascinating to hear today (they were taped over or removed from the original reels so that the tape could be re-used) Some idea of the quantity of these can be guessed from the take numbers – although 'take 76' in the case of Modern Don Juan can hardly be taken seriously, especially as the 'slate' does not include the master number as most others do. It is frustrating to hear a take number announced and realise that the actual take has been removed. Careful listeners may also hear the remains of previous recordings which were recorded over but not completely erased - examples of these can be heard very faintly at the ends of a couple of tracks. We are fortunate indeed that a couple of out-takes did survive, probably by accident, and that after all this time Buddy's fans are able to hear them in such great quality.

The tracks on CD2 were mostly recorded on a home recorder in Holly's garage in Lubbock, Texas and thus some defects in the sound quality will remain. We have done our best to minimise any faults on these historic recordings. However, they are, simply, the best and most exciting early recordings of Buddy Holly, featuring for the most part, Buddy on vocals and guitar and Jerry Allison on drums – forget the White Stripes, this is rock'n'roll's finest duo!

Advance orders for this package may be placed by email or on the Rollercoaster website (rollercoasterrecords.com) for delivery when available. Please note that Rollercoaster cannot take telephone orders or enquiries for this item until after 7th September 2007.
John Beecher


Buddy’s Gibson guitar is in Paris! Exposed until october to the Cartier Foundation during the exposure “Rock'n'roll' Roll - 1939-1959” - from Boogie-woogie to Buddy Holly!
More : http://fondation.cartier.com/

Photo : A&A Fournier

Photo : D. Anglares

The Jo Fox Archives


Fantastic british press cuts !


Hollybilly !


This compilation (two discs - 41 tracks) features the complete 1956 recordings of Buddy Holly - his first as a solo artist - and includes all the surviving masters from his three Nashville sessions for US Decca, together with his first demo sessions cut at Norman Petty's state-of-the-art recording studio in Clovis, New Mexico, and home recordings from Lubbock. In addition to Buddy and his usual cohorts, such as Jerry Allison, Sonny Curtis and Don Guess, the tracks also include the accompaniment of the famed Nashville "A" Team, boasting Floyd Cramer, Harold Bradley and the always superb Grady Martin.

Disc 1

1. Baby, Won't You Come Out Tonight?
(Buddy Holly/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
2. Love Me (With Studio Chat)
(Buddy Holly - Sue Parrish/Universal Music Publishing Limited)
3. Don't Come Back Knockin'
(Buddy Holly - Sue Parrish/Carlin Music Corp)
4. Midnight Shift
(Earl Lee - Jimmie Ainsworth/Good Music Ltd)
5. Blue Days, Black Nights
(Ben Hall/Carlin Music Corp)
6. Rock Around With Ollie Vee (Fragment)
(Sonny Curtis/Carlin Music Corp)
7. Rock Around With Ollie Vee (July 1956 Version)
(Sonny Curtis/Carlin Music Corp)
8. Because I Love You
(Buddy Holly/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
9. Changing All Those Changes (Clovis Demo Version)
(Buddy Holly/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
10. I Guess I Was Just A Fool
(Buddy Holly/Holly House Inc)
11. It's Not My Fault
(Ben Hall - Weldon Myrick/Emi Music Publishing Ltd)
12. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down
(Buddy Holly/Universal Music Publishing Limited)
13. Rock-A-Bye Rock
(Buddy Holly/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
14. Girl On My Mind
(Don Guess/Universal Music Publishing Limited)
15. That'll Be The Day
(Buddy Holly - Jerry Allison - Norman Petty/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
16. Ting-A-Ling
(Ahmet Ertegun/Carlin Music Corp)
17. I'm Changin' All Those Changes (Fragment)
(Buddy Holly/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
18. I'm Changin' All Those Changes (Nashville Version)
(Buddy Holly/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
19. Modern Don Juan
(Don Guess - Jack Neal/ Universal Music Publishing Limited)
20. You Are My One Desire (False Start)
(Don Guess/Valley Music Ltd)
21. You Are My One Desire
(Don Guess/Valley Music Ltd)
22. Rock Around With Ollie Vee (November 1956 Version)
(Sonny Curtis/Carlin Music Corp)

Disc 2

1. Honky Tonk (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(B. Butler - B. Doggett - C. Scott - Shep Shepherd/Tro Essex Music Ltd)
2. Good Rockin' Tonight (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Roy Brown/Lark Music Ltd)
3. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Lubbock Demo)
(Chuck Berry/Jewel Music Publishing Co Ltd)
4. Bo Diddley (Lubbock Demo)
(Ellas Mcdaniel/Good Music Ltd)
5. Rip It Up (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Bumps Blackwell - John Marascalco/Peter Maurice Music Co Ltd)
6. Blue Monday (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Fats Domino - Dave Bartholomew/Chappell Music Ltd)
7. Blue Suede Shoes (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Carl Perkins/Mpl Communications Ltd)
8. Shake, Rattle & Roll (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Charles Calhoun/Campbell Connelly And Co Ltd)
9. Ain't Got No Home (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Clarence Henry/Francis Day & Hunter Ltd)
10. Holly Hop (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Buddy Holly/Peermusic (Uk) Ltd)
11. Bo Diddley (Undubbed Clovis Demo)
(Ellas Mcdaniel/Good Music Ltd)
12. Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (Undubbed Clovis Demo)
(Chuck Berry/Jewel Music Publishing Co Ltd)
13. Have You Ever Been Lonely? #1 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Peter De Rose - Billy Hill/Shapiro Bernstein & Co Limited)
14. Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Fragment)
(Peter De Rose - Billy Hill/Shapiro Bernstein & Co Limited)
15. Have You Ever Been Lonely? (Fragment)
(Peter De Rose - Billy Hill/Shapiro Bernstein & Co Limited)
16. Have You Ever Been Lonely? #2 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Peter De Rose - Billy Hill/Shapiro Bernstein & Co Limited)
17. Gone (Fragment)
(Smokey Rogers/Carlin Music Corp - Mcs Music Limited)
18. Gone #1 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Smokey Rogers/Carlin Music Corp - Mcs Music Limited)
19. Gone #2 (Undubbed Lubbock Demo)
(Smokey Rogers/Carlin Music Corp - Mcs Music Limited)

Buddy Complete DVD

Here is the new Buddy Holly DVD from the Purple Chick label. This is the companion DVD for last year's 10 cd set (see below) and is only available as a download. All available footage, sometimes edited together from multiple sources, some with newly restored/added sound.
When you put the DVD in your player the main menu plays several minutes of unheard snippets of Buddy Holly music plus different versions of "Peggy Sue Got Married" and "Crying Waiting Hoping". There is also another version of "Oh, You Beautiful Doll" by Jerry. You also hear music when you click on "next" each time. Instead of choosing a clip to watch just listen instead. There is about 10 minutes of music total, none of which is on the 10 cd Purple Chick set!

Thanks to Ernie Clark for this info


New Acetate see the light

This acetate is the property of KSEL disc jockey, Doc Stewart, who was friendly with Buddy Holly in Lubbock, Texas. According to Mr Stewart, Holly was keen to cut these two tracks and was in a hurry to do so before he left for New York so the two of them went to Dave Hester's recording studio in Lubbock and cut this acetate. Apparently, only two copies were produced, Holly kept one and Stewart kept this one.

The two tracks on this acetate, Brown Eyed Handsome Man and Bo Diddley, were overdubbed and released after Holly's death, and both became hit singles. This acetate contains the original undubbed versions.

On sale at Christie's december 4, 2006 in New York.

Price realized : 1.200 U.S. Dollars

Note : It seems that the overdubbed tracks were those who were recorded at Petty's studio... Are these two tracks from the "home recording tape"? See 1956 discography.



The "Chirping" Crickets / Buddy Holly /
For The First Time Anywhere (3-CD-Box)

Disc 1:

1. Oh, Boy! - 2. Not Fade Away - 3. You've Got Love - 4. Maybe Baby- 5. It's Too Late 6. Tell Me How - 7. That'll Be The Day - 8. I'm Looking For Someone To Love
9. An Empty Cup (And A Broken Date) - 10. Send Me Some Lovin' - 11. Last Night
12. Rock Me Baby - 13. Think It Over (Bonus Track) - 14. Fool's Paradise (Bonus Track) 15. Lonesome Tears (Bonus Track) - 16. It's So Easy (Bonus Track)

Disc 2:

1. I'm Gonna Love You Too - 2. Peggy Sue - 3. Look At Me - 4. Listen To Me - 5. Valley Of Tears - 6. Ready Teddy - 7. Everyday - 8. Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
9. Words Of Love - 10. (You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care - 11. Rave On - 12. Little Baby - 13. Take Your Time (Bonus Track) - 14. Now We're One (Bonus Track) - 15. Early In The Morning (Bonus Track)

Disc 3:

1. Rock-A-Bye Rock - 2. Maybe Baby - 3. Because I Love You - 4. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down - 5. Changing All Those Changes - 6. That's My Desire - 7. Baby Won't Come Out Tonight - 8. It's Not My Fault - 9. Brown Eyed Handsome Man - 10. Bo Diddley

Gotta Roll: The Early Recordings 1949-55
CR REV 174

Released on July 27, 2006

Rev-Ola Records Page

1. Buddy & Bob - Down The Line (#1)
2. Buddy Holly - Don't Come Back Knockin'
3. Buddy Holly - I Guess I Was A Fool
4. Buddy Holly - Love Me
5. Buddy Holly - Moonlight Baby (Aka "Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight")
6. Buddy Holly - I Wanna Play House With You (Aka "Baby, Let's Play House")
7. Buddy & Bob - You And I Are Through (#1)
8. Buddy & Bob - Down The Line (#2)
9. Buddy & Bob - Memories
10. Buddy & Bob - Gotta Get You Near Me Blues
11. Buddy & Bob - You And I Are Through
12. Sonny Curtis - Because You Love Me
13. Sonny Curtis - This Bottle
14. Jack Neal - I Hear The Lord Callin' For Me
15. Jack Neal - I Saw The Moon Cry Last Night
16. Sonny Curtis - I'll Miss My Heart
17. Sonny Curtis - Queen Of The Ballroom
18. Ben Hall - Rose Of Monterey
19. Ben Hall - All From Loving You
20. Sonny Curtis - Dallas Boogie
21. Sonny Curtis - One In A Million
22. Buddy Holly - My Two-Timin' Woman (Edited Version)
23. Buddy & Bob - Let's Pretend (Aka "I'll Just Pretend")
24. Buddy & Bob - Take These Shackles From My Heart
25. Buddy & Bob - Footprints In The Snow
26. Buddy Holly - My Two-Timin' Woman (Unedited Version)


Another "Best Of" was issued april 18, 2006 with usual tracks and "For The First Time Anywhere" pic ! The "Definitive Collection" will be the long-waiting complete box-set ! Geffen Records 000471002

1. Midnight Shift - 2. Rock Around With Ollie Vee - 3. That'll Be The Day - 4. I'm Looking For Someone To Love - 5. Words Of Love - 6. Not Fade Away - 7. Everyday - 8. Listen To Me - 9. Oh Boy! - 10. Peggy Sue - 11. I'm Gonna Love You Too - 12. Look At Me - 13. Maybe Baby - 14. Rave On - 15. Fool's Paradise - 16. Take Your Time - 17. Well...All Right - 18. Think It Over - 19. Early In The Morning - 20. Heartbeat - 21. It's So Easy - 22. Wishing - 23. Love's Made A Fool Of You - 24. True Love Ways - 25. It Doesn't Matter Anymore - 26. Raining In My Heart

Buddy Holly - Gold
Universal - 2 CD
Released April 3, 2006

Disc: 1
1. Down The Line - 2. Soft Place In My Heart - 3. Holly Hop - 4. Blue Days, Black Nights 5. Love Me - 6. Midnight Shift - 7. Baby Won't You Come Out Tonight - 8. Changing All Those Changes - 9. I'm Gonna Set My Foot Down - 10. Rock Around With Ollie Vee
11. Girl On My Mind - 12. Ting-A-Ling - 13. Modern Don Juan - 14. Brown Eyed Handsome Man - 15. That'll Be The Day - 16. I'm Lookin' For Someone To Love
17. Words Of Love - 18. Not Fade Away - 19. Everyday - 20. Tell Me How - 21. Ready Teddy - 22. Listen To Me - 23. Oh Boy - 24. It's Too Late - 25. Peggy Sue

Disc: 2
1. I'm Gonna Love You Too - 2. Look At Me - 3. Little Baby - 4. You've Got Love
5. Maybe Baby - 6. Rock Me My Baby - 7. You're So Square (Baby I Don't Care)
8. Rave On - 9. Fool's Paradise - 10. Take Your Time - 11. Well...All Right - 12. Think It Over - 13. Early In The Morning - 14. Heartbeat - 15. It's So Easy - 16. Wishing
17. Love's Made A Fool Of You - 18. Reminiscing - 19. True Love Ways - 20. It Doesn't Matter Anymore - 21. Raining In My Heart - 22. Peggy Sue Got Married - 23. Crying Waiting Hoping - 24. Learning The Game - 25. What To Do

This fan-production (Made by "Purple Chick" - Never For Sale !) prefigure what could be the realization of an official box-set resuming the totality of Buddy's work. Certain tracks are skillful faked-stereo assemblies made by the author and some other titles are not in the normal speed. But, it's an amazing work and a real labor of love !

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Buddy Holly's Wristwatch, Early Recordings
To Be Offered By His Widow In April Auction

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Universal Music to release on DVD
the definitive sight and sound of a Rock & Roll Pioneer:
The Music of Buddy Holly and The Crickets

Fifty years ago this autumn, Buddy Holly and fellow musician Bob Montgomery stepped on stage to open shows in Texas for Elvis Presley and Bill Haley & the Comets. Within five years of those gigs, Holly had sealed a reputation of his own, en route to becoming one of the popular, influential performers in rock & roll, and the creator of some of the most important records in 20th century popular music.

To mark the 50th anniversary of Holly's emergence in the vanguard of rock & roll, Universal Music International will release the definitive package in sound and vision of his most popular recordings, The Music of Buddy Holly and the Crickets.

This limited-edition DVD combines archive footage and live TV performances with vintage clips and brand new interview material, to illuminate how Holly became an icon of rock's first generation through a succession of landmark recordings for Decca, Brunswick and Coral Records.

Every interview has been carried out specifically for this programme, for the most part in Lubbock, Texas. All the important players in the Buddy Holly phenomenon, who are still alive, are included. This 103-minute programme has been extensively researched and has been a year in the making.

The release, of course, features all those classic Holly hits, such as "That'll Be The Day," "Peggy Sue," "It's So Easy," "Rave On," "Maybe Baby," and "It Doesn't Matter Anymore," plus both of the live performances by the singer and the Crickets from American TV's "The Ed Sullivan Show" in 1957-58. The second time Buddy and the guys were on Sullivan, they performed 'Oh Boy!' It is the finest live performance of the band to have been taped and is rarely shown. Our programme shows this performance, complete and uncut, and in 16:9 format with enhanced picture quality for the very first time.... anywhere.

The Music of Buddy Holly and the Crickets DVD also includes a bonus CD with 20 tracks chosen by the musician's colleagues and friends as personal favourites, and as defining examples of Holly's legacy. Along with the hits there are some surprise tracks, too.

Featured in the programme are:

Jerry (J.I.) Allison, the singer's closest friend and a founder member, as drummer, of the group which propelled them both to stardom, the Crickets;

Joe B.Mauldin, an original member of the Crickets who played bass and recorded with Holly as his career and popularity soared;

Sonny Curtis, Holly's boyhood friend who played guitar on the very first Decca recordings in 1956; a music legend he went on to write rock classics 'I Fought The Law' and the Everly Brothers smash, 'Walk Right Back'

Tommy Allsup, the guitarist whose virtuosity persuaded Holly that he should play lead on "It's So Easy," "Heartbeat" and other key recordings. It was Allsup who gave up his seat to Ritchie Valens on the aircraft which took Holly, Valens and the Big Bopper to their tragic deaths on February 2, 1959. A musician's musician, Tommy has played on 10,000 sessions.

Jack Neal, a songwriter who not only taught Buddy to play guitar, but who was also the first person to perform with him live on radio and television in his hometown of Lubbock, Texas, in 1953.

Carl Bunch, drummer on the ill-fated final tour on which Buddy would die in a plane crash. He talks about the horror of what is often described as 'the worst planned rock & roll tour of all time'. He was hospitalised with frostbite and missed Buddy's final two appearances.

Sonny West, a Texas rockabilly singer and songwriter who wrote two of Buddy's, two of rock & roll's, greatest songs, 'Oh Boy!' and 'Rave On'. In the programme he also plays his own versions of them live and talks about how they were written.

Peggy Sue Gerron, (the real Peggy Sue) talks about life at Lubbock High School and her group of friends who included Buddy and The Crickets. She witnessed their rise to fame and shared their excitement.

Buddy used three sets of backing singers on his Clovis sessions during his career. They are all represented in the programme. Gary & Ramona Tollett, John Pickering of The Picks and Ray Rush of The Roses. Buddy's death spelled a premature end to a record label, called Prism, which he was setting up with Ray Rush. Rush discusses what he feels the future would have held for Holly, had it not been for the fatal plane crash.

Long-time Lubbock disc-jockey, Larry Byers, remembers Buddy in the early days and his appearances at KDAV radio's 'Sunday Party' and Lawson's Roller Rink, whilst 'Sunday Party' regular, Jack Davis, recalls the early days of Buddy 'live' at the radio station, too.

One of TV's biggest names, Des O'Connor, talks on camera about his time as compere on the Buddy Holly and The Crickets tour of the UK in early 1958. O'Connor was the young up-coming comedian, still looking for his big break, when he landed the Holly tour. His memories, as you would expect, are witty and full of admiration for the man with whom he toured the UK for a month, taking in life on the tour bus and laughs at provincial English hotels.

George Tomsco, the guitarist from The Fireballs who Norman Petty called on to overdub the acoustic demos Buddy had been working on shortly before his death, shares his feelings on this process and gives an insiders view of the Petty studio in detail.

Several of these contributors have rarely been interviewed on camera. This is the largest number of relevant Buddy Holly people to ever appear in the same programme. Barry Barnes who also wrote and directed the programme conducted all interviews. Biographical details about the interviewees accompany the package in a beautifully illustrated 24-page booklet written by Lubbock-based Holly historian Bill Griggs and designed by one of the UK's top designers, Matt Curtis.

The voices of the late Norman Petty and Dick Jacobs are also heard, with excerpts taken from never-before-aired interviews. There is footage of the legendary Norman Petty studio in Clovis, New Mexico, where most of Holly's hits were recorded, kindly loaned by the Violet Petty Estate, specially for this programme.

And there's new footage shot at the Lubbock High School theatre, which is still exactly the same as when Buddy played there... the Fair Park Coliseum, where Buddy saw Elvis in a life-changing moment and beautifully shot images of the Holly statue in downtown Lubbock. The programme is narrated by Paul Gambaccini.

An unusual feature of the DVD is a collection of Animated Video Galleries created from Holly memorabilia, cut to his and The Crickets music and really making it come alive. This was carried out at London's legendary Abbey Road studio.

As the programme says at its conclusion,
Such a short life. Such a giant legacy. Leaving his own great recordings and inspiring British groups of the sixties like The Beatles, The Stones and The Hollies. Buddy Holly is one of the greatest men of rock & roll.


Enhanced Picture Quality

Language: English
Length: 103 Minutes
Region Code: 0 - All Regions (?)
Screen Format: 16:9

© 2005 Universal
Released 27th June 2005 on Universal DVD (Catalogue no. TBC)

In North America, the DVD/CD package will be released via Universal's Geffen label and will be titled "The Definitive Collection."


Bonus CD Track List

1. That'll Be the Day - 2. Not Fade Away - 3. Everyday - 4. Peggy Sue - 5. Listen to Me 6. Oh Boy - 7. Send Me Some Lovin' - 8. It's Too Late - 9. Maybe Baby - 10. Rock Me My Baby - 11. Rave On - 12. Well ... All Right - 13. Think It Over - 14. Lonesome Tears - 15. It's So Easy - 16. Early in the Morning - 17. It Doesn't Matter Anymore - 18. Raining in My Heart - 19. Peggy Sue Got Married - 20. Crying, Waiting, Hoping

Prism Records PR 001/002

The CD:


Recorded sometime in 1949, this is the earliest audible artifact from Buddy Holly's musical legacy that is known to exist. This is the fully uncut version, complete with previously missing verse and skips at the beginning of the song. This marks the very first time this recording has appeared in its unexpurgated form anywhere.


Presented here - for the first time ever - is the entire recording sourced directly from the original acetate.


Like the preceding selection, this was recorded in 1952. Major upgrade in sound; one of only two known recordings on which Holly played the mandolin.


10 November 1953 session produced these two songs which languished on acetate for almost 35 years!

YOU AND I ARE THROUGH (Bob Montgomery)

This 1955 recording has never been available in direct-from-acetate form - until now. Tthe advance in quality is quite impressive.

DOWN THE LINE (Buddy Holly/B. Montgomery)

The most interesting aspect of this alternate take from 1955 is the conspicuous lack of drums.


Holly recorded this song in the summer of 1956. Making its debut appearance is a previously unheard fragment of an alternate take of this song. This small section is all that is known to exist.

GONE (Smokey Rogers)

Here for the first time is the song in its completely raw, undubbed form.

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LONELY (Peter Derose-George Brown)

Also from late 1956, this an alternate take which has never appeared anywhere.

11-12) GARY TOLLETT - GONE (S. Rogers) - GO, BOY, GO (B. Wilson)

Holly plays guitar on these songs recorded at KDAV Studios on 21 February 1957.They are alternate takes from those found on a previously-issued box set.


Unquestionably the single most sought Buddy Holly recording ever.

This recording actually consists of two operator-assisted phone calls from February 1957, the first of which is a failed attempt by Holly to reach Gabler. Then, possibly out of resignation, Holly makes the second call to Paul Cohen, the label's president.

It is now known that the phone number which Holly gave the operator (POrter 3-1617) was indeed Jerry Allison's home phone number at the time, indicating that the call was made from and recorded at Allison's home on 2215 6th Street in Lubbock, Texas.

This is certainly one piece of rock & roll's inside history that no actual song could ever equal in impact.

A WHOLE LOT OF LOVIN' (Jim Robinson/Jack Huddle/Norman Petty)

The sessions that produced this song took place in the spring of 1957. This particular outtake is completely different from those found on a previous box set.


These three items were recorded on 30 June 1957 then disappeared for all practical purposes. After more than 40 years this trio of well-kept secrets recently turned up.

BROKEN PROMISES (John Loftus/Ray Winkler)
HUMBLE HEART (R. Winkler/Ralph Newton)

These two songs were recorded at Norman Petty's Clovis Studio on 26 July 1957. They were then released on a 45 rpm single by the obscure Fashion label, but have never had any kind of reissue in any format.


Buddy Holly & The Crickets performed two shows at The Forum in Montreal, Quebec on 15 September 1957. At one point backstage, Holly was asked by disc-jockey Don Passerby of 1230 Cornwall Radio to record these promotional spots for his show. Unreleased until now.


Red Robinson interviewed Holly on 23 October 1957 for his popular "Teen Canteen" show. This promo is believed to have been cut at the same interview session. This recording was so rare that its very existence had never even been rumoured. .

ONE FADED ROSE (Charlie Phillips/Nita Baggett/Otis Echoles)

On this track recorded in 1957, Holly plays guitar and provids some stunning harmony vocals for the song's chorus. This country-tinged alternate take has never appeared anywhere before.

SUGARTIME (C. Phillips/O. Echoles)

This is an alternate take (with Holly once again handling guitar duties) which has never been released before.

SCARLET RIBBONS (Jack Segal/Evelyn Danzig)

On a recent tour of the U.K., Hester confirmed Holly's involvement with these two extremely scarce songs which have never been reissued.


On 24 February 1958, local Miami reporter Bob Chesney secured a brief interview with Buddy Holly and managed to capture a couple of live clips of the star during a backstage jam singing "Everyday" and "I Love Her So" with Jerry Lee Lewis on piano.


From Waylon Jennings' very first recording session, 10 September 1958. As far as can be determined, this is the complete session tape, produced by Buddy.


Featuring Buddy Holly on guitar. "More And More" exists only in this half-minute fragment from an acetate. "When You Are Lonely" was also taken directly from an acetate. Neither one of these tracks has seen the light of day before.


Scranton, Pennsylvania - 16 October 1958. Interview by local disc-jockey Ronnie King (for his popular "Teen Time" program heard over WGH radio) was discovered very recently.


The Big Bopper's promo has never been available anywhere before. Ritchie Valens' promo's first appearance without background music overdub. All three spots have been taken directly from their original acetate source - resulting in brilliant sound that must be heard to be fully appreciated.



This brief souvenir was taken from a Portland, Oregon television station's anniversary/retrospective show that was broadcast locally in 2002. It is from Buddy Holly & The Crickets' appearance on "The High Time Show" on 22 October 1957, and that performance was (at least partially) captured from the audience by a hand-held home-movie camera. This very short clip - which seems to be all that now exists - was shown only on that commemorative special.


As common as video of Buddy Holly & The Crickets' first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show is to collectors, video from their second appearance is commensurately uncommon. This notorious performance of "Oh, Boy!" from 26 January 1958 has never before been available in its entirety; only very short snippets of it have ever been seen since its original airdate.

3) The entire 26 January 1958 broadcast of The Ed Sullivan Show has been included on the DVD - with all of its original commercials intact (NOTE: The post-performance reaction shot of Ed Sullivan can only be seen when watching the entire-show chapter. It is not available on the isolated "Oh, Boy!" performance chapter).

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