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You can download the file "Buddy Holly Recordings" compiled by Doug Bennett with all the sessions and for each track the reference of the original U.S. and U.K. record.
Format .rtf in an zip archive (25 Kb) - Updated june 2004

1958 - Alan Freed - Larry Williams - Ben Costa - Buddy Holly

The Complete Interviews Transcriptions
by Doug Bennett in a zipped .rtf file (17 kb)

Buddy Holly Recordings.xls
In a zip file (30 kb)

An Excel 95 file with two worksheets which complement "Buddy Holly -Recordings.rtf", and can be imported into other spreadsheets or databases.

The first worksheet, "Recordings" has all Buddy's songs in alphabetical order,with a column to mark if a track is in your collection (replace my capital Y's with your own - it totals them at the bottom using the "countif" function),track duration, session number (as in "Buddy Holly - Recordings.rtf"), date,U.S. and U.K. first releases, and finally a column called "Date Sort" which allows everything to be sorted in strictly date order and is not dependant on Microsoft's dating system.

The second worksheet, "First Releases" has more detail on the U.S. and U.K. first releases. The first column sorts everything on country, type and date, but for a print-out I prefer it sorted on Release No.

Corrections to any errors or omissions are welcome. Email address at end of worksheets.

Buddy Holly - All lyrics.rtf
All the Buddy Holly lyrics on site compiled by Doug Bennett (25 kb)

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