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Here is ! The new CD of Jerry Engler with, for the first time ever, the TWO tracks with Buddy Holly on guitar and bells (See discography).

Jerry Engler's album consists of years covering 1958 to 2002. His recordings are of his original material that has a range from Country (traditional, modern ,contemporary and country pop) to Rock 'N' Roll and Rockabilly. This makes the album quite diverse and appealing to many country fans. Jerry started his career in the 50's as a country entertainer and songwriter. He worked with Faron Young, Webb Pierce, The Wilburn Brothers, Jimmy Dean, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, Paul Anka, The Everly Brothers, Chuck Berry, and many others. He gave up his career to care for his two children which he was given custody after a divorce. Jerry never stopped writing songs and set up a recording studio in his home and recorded these songs over the years. He was blessed and found the girl he had prayed for (Elaine) and remarried. Two more girls (Nancy and Pamela) were born into the family and all was well with the world. After 49 years of songwriting his dream of having a CD with his recordings is a reality and a dream come true.


You can order from cdbaby.com or directly from Jerry himself. He will autograph the cd that people buy from him anywhere in the USA and Europe. All you have to do is send $15.00 +$2.00 s&h in USA currency for USA orders or $15.00 + $4.00 s&h in USA currency for Europe cash or money order. No personal checks please to :
Jerry Engler
18 Dortmund Circle
Rochester, Ny 14624

You can also drop a line to jerrycme@rochester.rr.com


Excellent CD: Great Songs from a Legendary Artist
Reviewer: W. Scott Pavone
Look up the word 'versatility' in the dictionary and you should find a picture of Jerry Engler next to it. From his ability to play several instruments to his vast repertoire of varied vocals and musical stylings, this artist has offered up a compilation of material that should please fans of country, rockabilly and ballads alike. The digital remastering is excellent, rendering a full sounding and pleasing-to-the-ear disc. I have had this disc for only a day but I already have several favorites, and I trust you will as well! I am very impressed with the strong and clear vocals that Jerry delivers. The songs are lyrically well crafted, the arrangements are wonderful, and the overall production sounds first rate. The depth and breadth of this artist's thoughts and feelings are laid bare in song and Jerry delivers his offerings with passion. I have listened to the songs and I feel like I know the man, the mark of a true songwriter/performer. Seeing the significance of this man’s shining moment in music history in the late 50’s with ‘Sputnik’ and his studio work with Buddy Holly, I ordered the autographed CD directly from the artist and received it in short order with a hearty ‘Thank you.’ It appears that Jerry Engler has solidified the legacy of his life’s work in this CD. I highly recommend this disc to anyone who wants to own a piece of rock’n’roll history, as well as to those who just enjoy the types of music offered on this fine recording. This is a CD that you can be as proud to own as the artist is of his own work.

Taken from a review on Cdbaby.com


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